The internet is flooded with information about the best tips for health and nutrition. But how many of these tips are actually based on evidence?

Though not all the tips out there are evidence-based, here are a few at that are supported by evidence.

Avoid drinks that are high in sugar

The drinks that contain sugar make you fat and thus it is recommended to avoid anything that has sugar in it. This includes your soda drinks as well as the juices. The sugary drinks cause diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Not only the aerated drinks but fruit juices too are bad to consume because these contain sugar in the liquid form.

Processed and junk food should be avoided

Processed and junk food are bad and these cause obesity. The food is such that it lets you overeat and some people also get addicted to eating processed food. The processed foods and junk foods do not contain any nutrients and are low in proteins and fiber. These, however, are rich in unhealthy ingredients and contain sugar and refined flour that is very bad for the health.

Include nuts in your diet

The nuts are rich in fat but still, they are very nutritious and healthy. The nuts contain vitamin E, magnesium and many other nutrients. It has been proved that nuts help to reduce weight and also helps to fight many diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Nuts are also known to boost the metabolism.

Eat fish

Fish is healthy and should form part of your diet. The fatty fishes like salmon have a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and also contains many nutrients. Those who eat fish have a lesser risk of many diseases like depression, heart diseases etc.

Sleep well

Getting quality sleep is important and it is as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising. Not getting adequate sleep could drive the resistance to insulin and inhibit your performance.