People start giving up exercising once they are over 40. The work pressure and responsibilities of the family start weighing them down. On the other hand, more money in the wallet and new cuisines start beckoning them to gorge on more food and alcohol. All these factors give rise to preventable diseases as the body also starts to become tired aging.

Men do not have to despair as there are ways to remain fit even after the age of 40. Fitness is possible at any age and depends on the perfect balance of nutrition and physical activities.

  1. There are nutritional supplements, like herbias or plant-based which are safe and effective in maintaining the physical fitness by adding the micronutrients that their usual food may lack.
  2. The metabolism of the body slows down after a certain age. So men should think of high-intensity training to improve the metabolic rate.
  3. Sleep enough, as most people are stressed out and may not have a regular sleeping schedule. The body starts to suffer from the negative impact of the erratic sleeping pattern and may lead to other diseases. Good sleep will energize the body at the same time.
  4. Plan your food intake and spread it across the day. Incorporate more vegetables and, proteins and good fat. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and tobacco. These have long-term ramifications.
  5. If you have not been exercising then start slowly. Do not start following a rigorous routine suddenly only to give it up soon.
  6. Start walking, cycling or swimming. These are gentle on the joints and help to keep the cardiac muscles in shape. It is important to be active. Climb the stairs and walk to do chores instead of driving.

Though life does change after the age of 40 and it starts to feel the burden of age but it does not mean that you need to give up on exercising. Being fit and healthy is important at every stage of life. Be attentive to your body and listen to the organs. Pay attention to any significant signs that you feel and take advice from experts.