People often miss one of the main things about weight loss, the fact that weight loss is not as important as losing FAT vs. Losing weight in general.

One main reason is that a scale doesn’t actually reveal much, you are weighing an aggregate of everything, food, liquids, muscles, fat, connective tissue, waste. None of which is going to be very essential other than fat and muscle weight, water weight can seriously discourage someone or give someone false hope, people lose water weight all the time only to have it rebound a day later and reduce your self-confidence and may lead to relapses and issues sticking on your diet.

One of the other reasons is that people end up going on hopeless yo-yo diets where they lose weight but gain it back, this frustrating cycle is due to the fact that people losing weight in muscle is not the same as losing weight in fat, fat loss is much better since fat is not calorically active and in fact is a drag on metabolism, losing muscle means you eat the same number of calories each day but burn less as your body attempts to hold onto protein.

Sometimes my clients will complain to me about having done so much exercise and dieting and have lost weight yet feel much weaker and are unable to lift as much as they used to, the main reason why is simply cutting weight cuts both muscle and fat if you are not eating properly. You will need to know the amount of fat you are losing to make sure you aren’t just losing water and muscle weight, to counteract this: you need to read this forskolin review.