If you wish to be fit and healthy, then you need to quit smoking. It is no secret that smoking is bad for your health and everyone knows it. Accepting that you got addicted and you are actually afraid to quit is the first step to de-addiction.  Then you should address your concerns and dispel the fear of quitting. You should figure out why you wish to quit and note down the reasons to quit. It is quite helpful if you think deeper.  The backbone of the journey to quit smoking would be to understand clearly the reasons to quit.

The next step is changing the mindset. You need to know what are the triggers that make you smoke. You need to keep a track of where and when you wish to smoke. Then you should find out where all you could skip smoking.  Also, you could try out the below-mentioned options. There are various proven ways to take the nicotine out of your system completely.

Nicotine replacement therapy- In this method, nicotine is used in the form of a pill or patch. You would be still getting nicotine but the amount will get reduced over the passage of time. As you are not actually smoking, it will help in reducing the chemical and habit dependencies.

E-cigarettes- They are electronic vaporizer that uses the nicotine’s liquid version. It is less dangerous as compared to smoking the traditional cigarette.  However, there are various herbal products available now that could be used in E-cigarette. You could check out EmeraldGrowers to get more information about it.

Prescription medicines- The medicines have the highest success rate among all. It works by targeting receptors of your brain.  It inhibits the re-uptake of the dopamine.  However, you need to get these medicines from the doctors. You should get an appointment with the doctor for consultation.