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Ann Medina

The Difference Between Cleanse and Detox

Detox and cleanse are two words you would hear often in the world of fitness, and often interchangeably. Many of us believe detox and cleanse are the one and same. But  they are completely different things.

What is cleanse and detox?

Cleanse is, in simple terms cleaning your body. A cleanse can include the use of pills or supplements to eliminate any waste from your digestive tract.

On the other hand, detox programs are concentrated towards supporting your body in the process of eliminating toxins naturally. Your body already has its own detox system where the kidneys work in conjunction with liver to eliminate any toxic waste accumulated in the body through the environment. Detox programs optimize this process by supplying your body essential nutrients that boost this process.

What happens after a cleanse and detox?

Think of cleanse as a microneedling pen, which works by improving your skin by ridding of acne scars, spots and uneven textures, and boosts collagen production. Cleanse does the same for your body, it cleans your gut improving your vitality and helping gut flora to flourish.

On the other hand, detox is a deep cleaning of your body tissues. A high level of toxicity in the body can cause headache, joint pain, anxiety, depression and constipation. So, post a detox, you should be feeling energized and fresh.

How to cleanse vs how to detox?

Cleanse focuses on improving digestive health so a good point of starting would be to cut off all food that stresses out your body. This includes junk food, gluten, sugar, soda and other highly processed food materials.

Detox aims to release the cocktail of toxins your body consumes daily through cosmetics, lotions, pollution. So, foods such as kale, lemon, ginger, garlic and pineapple must be incorporated in your diet.