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The Best Health And Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

The internet is flooded with information about the best tips for health and nutrition. But how many of these tips are actually based on evidence?

Though not all the tips out there are evidence-based, here are a few at that are supported by evidence.

Avoid drinks that are high in sugar

The drinks that contain sugar make you fat and thus it is recommended to avoid anything that has sugar in it. This includes your soda drinks as well as the juices. The sugary drinks cause diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Not only the aerated drinks but fruit juices too are bad to consume because these contain sugar in the liquid form.

Processed and junk food should be avoided

Processed and junk food are bad and these cause obesity. The food is such that it lets you overeat and some people also get addicted to eating processed food. The processed foods and junk foods do not contain any nutrients and are low in proteins and fiber. These, however, are rich in unhealthy ingredients and contain sugar and refined flour that is very bad for the health.

Include nuts in your diet

The nuts are rich in fat but still, they are very nutritious and healthy. The nuts contain vitamin E, magnesium and many other nutrients. It has been proved that nuts help to reduce weight and also helps to fight many diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Nuts are also known to boost the metabolism.

Eat fish

Fish is healthy and should form part of your diet. The fatty fishes like salmon have a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and also contains many nutrients. Those who eat fish have a lesser risk of many diseases like depression, heart diseases etc.

Sleep well

Getting quality sleep is important and it is as important as eating a healthy diet and exercising. Not getting adequate sleep could drive the resistance to insulin and inhibit your performance.

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8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas On Dogs

Dogs are human’s best friend and fleas are like the best friend for dogs as they just don’t let them go. Every dog has a problem with fleas and ticks at some point. One cannot control their dog like they control their child. A dog has to get out, roll in the dirt, play with other dogs, get into fights and jump into slush after the rain. As a result, they are bound to get infected with fleas regularly.

Though you may give your dog a bath regularly, fleas have a higher threshold and just water and soap will not clear them out. Here are some of the best ways to help you get rid of the fleas:

  1. Routine Check

Check your dog’s fur regularly for fleas. You can never guess when the problem would crop up. Sp checking once a month or asking the vet to check during a health check-up will not suffice

  1. Quarantine

If you see fleas and are sure they are fleas and not just dry skin, it is time to take action. Keep your infested dog away from other pets at home as well as the furniture and beds.

  1. Clean Belongings

While cleaning your dog is the obvious step and one you would spend a lot of time and money on, do not forget to get rid of fleas from your pet’s toys and other belongings too.

  1. Medication

There are many pills one can use to get rid of the fleas. Ask your vet or the salesperson at the pet store for recommendations and administer the medications as prescribed

  1. Shampoo

Even if you use the Best Dog Oral Flea Pill Tablets, you need to ensure you use a good shampoo as well. Once the fleas are dead, they need to be washed off thoroughly.

  1. Flea Comb

Use a flea comb to comb through the fur and get the dead as well as alive fleas out of the hair. Go over your dog’s coat with this comb regularly.

  1. Clean Up

Clean all furniture, beds, etc at home. Fleas can spread on these surfaces and infect your dog again, after cleaning.

  1. Treatment

Apply flea treatment solution on your dog and get rid of fleas as well as prevent future infections in one move.

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The Best Fitness Tips For Men Over 40: Getting in Shape Is Possible

People start giving up exercising once they are over 40. The work pressure and responsibilities of the family start weighing them down. On the other hand, more money in the wallet and new cuisines start beckoning them to gorge on more food and alcohol. All these factors give rise to preventable diseases as the body also starts to become tired aging.

Men do not have to despair as there are ways to remain fit even after the age of 40. Fitness is possible at any age and depends on the perfect balance of nutrition and physical activities.

  1. There are nutritional supplements, like herbias or plant-based which are safe and effective in maintaining the physical fitness by adding the micronutrients that their usual food may lack.
  2. The metabolism of the body slows down after a certain age. So men should think of high-intensity training to improve the metabolic rate.
  3. Sleep enough, as most people are stressed out and may not have a regular sleeping schedule. The body starts to suffer from the negative impact of the erratic sleeping pattern and may lead to other diseases. Good sleep will energize the body at the same time.
  4. Plan your food intake and spread it across the day. Incorporate more vegetables and, proteins and good fat. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and tobacco. These have long-term ramifications.
  5. If you have not been exercising then start slowly. Do not start following a rigorous routine suddenly only to give it up soon.
  6. Start walking, cycling or swimming. These are gentle on the joints and help to keep the cardiac muscles in shape. It is important to be active. Climb the stairs and walk to do chores instead of driving.

Though life does change after the age of 40 and it starts to feel the burden of age but it does not mean that you need to give up on exercising. Being fit and healthy is important at every stage of life. Be attentive to your body and listen to the organs. Pay attention to any significant signs that you feel and take advice from experts.

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The Best 10 Health and Fitness Tips for the Over 40s

Growing old is a part of life. On aging, your body tends to get tired more easily than when you were in the 20s or 30s. However, if you have adequate control over your health status, then this can benefit your old age.

Here are the best fitness tips to follow.

  1. Perform a good body workout. This makes your body more flexible and helps in easy fat burning. Ensure you make it a regular practice.
  2. Depend on a timely healthy diet. Such a diet must be nutritious but of low-calorie and carbs so that your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are under control. Moreover, it should be rich in protein content that aids in the body repairing and muscle formation. In addition, make it a practice to have meals on time.
  3. Never depend on protein powders and other supplements that are available in the shops without an expert advice. As you age, the speed of digestion or metabolic rate gradually slows down and so, your body starts growing in an unhealthy manner. So it is better to prevent this.
  4. Enjoy a scheduled sleep. An adequate sleeping period is crucial for your age.
  5. Having green tea after meals is recommended. These are rich in antioxidants that are essential for a human body to fight skin damages and even cancers.
  6. It is wise to include Omega3 fatty acids in your food. This makes you relieved from joint pains and makes you stay active always.
  7. Care for your heart. Prevent threats like heart attacks by sensibly choosing your cooking oil. Olive oil is recommended.
  8. Boost your calcium intake. It is a general fact that our bones start to weaken with aging. To maintain the bone density and to reduce the risk factors like osteoporosis and fracture, an additional dose of calcium and vitamin D is necessary.
  9. Regular checkups are a must. A consultation with a specialist can confirm your health conditions.
  10. Always stay happy as well as engaged so that you are carefree. Visit holisticboard to know more.